Tuesday, 12 October 2010

A Recent 'Solitary Confinement' Review

Hey people,

Hope all is well!

We recently quite randomly received this album review for 'Solitary Confinement' from someone that hadn't actually told us they were going to write one. It is published on a website called 'Rhythm Circus'.

However, it transpires that it is probably one of the most intelligent and accurate reviews we've ever had - not to mention very well written. So we thought, why not post it on this blog and make use of the damn thing!

As always thank you for the support and props to the reviewer! Other reviewers and so-called critics may want to read it and hopefully learn something.

Peace, Love and Intelligence
Rhyme Asylum


  1. Definately why i listen to you guys, your lyrics create a whole new genre in the hip-hop scene, showing that it isnt just about girls and drink and riding in the beemers with a gat packed in the glove compartment..

    Upping your tunes forever, good job guys, my whole 10years of writing lyrics has deliver my respect to you lot, sophisticated ryming and complex schemes shows true talent, apart from the average artists, continue smashing through with tunes!!!!!

    Much love Calibar

  2. I'm happy you liked the review.

    Peace and love.

    Tom Clements

  3. Firstly, I would like to say about the solitary confinement album, top draw British hip hop. Secondly, I’ve been listening to uk hip hop since 88 and over the years I’ve heard some good shit, from London posse, Demon Boyz, Hijack, Mello, Killa Instinct etc, and best British group ever GUNSHOT!!! My love for British hip hop stood still for 8-10 years, but still having some good British hip hop groups such as Taskforce, Roots Manuva etc. In till I see Ill Bill at the underworld Camden. A group called Rhyme Asylum was the support act, shit god dam!! Thought you were better than Ill Bill (NO Disrespect) thought I’d never hear a uk group on the same par or even better than gunshot. Got home and I got the first Album State of Lunacy, oh my god what have I missed. Thank you for British hip hop once again!!!! Keep your stuff going R.A.

  4. just keeping it real ;)
    stay safe forever.